Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Tights, je t'aime!!

I have already started saving. These two tone tights were part of the extravagant Fall/Winter 08/09 show by the wonderful Karl Lagerfeld and already fashionistas everywhere are going crazy for them. Why, I here you ask? Well, there's something quite playful yet mature about these tights and so they give a new element to the inescapable LBD that we’ll be pulling out for those winter parties. Although, perhaps the biggest selling point is that for those of us without the perfect streamline legs of a model they seem to magically narrow your legs (seriously watch the show they do). I want them already, but considering the buzz that these little-old-tights have already got somehow I think I may be signing up to a very long waiting list.

1 comment:

Natascha said...

Those tights are amazing. I want a pair too.