Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Model Life

I love Americas Next Top Model, the cat-fights, the over-the-top shoots, the eliminations but by the end of it all I can’t help but feel sorry for these women because we all know chances are they will not become Top Models. Perhaps, its because they're not prepared for the real world of modelling, after all the show is formatted to make good TV. Either way, it was starting to depress me. Then I found A Model Life a reality TV show which originally broadcasted on TLC that gave six girls the opportunity to get a contract with Next Model Management. Over the eight episodes the audience gets to see these six girls live life as a real working model and the greatest thing is by the end of it they actually have a hope of becoming working models.

After watching the series I thought let's see what happening after and the results were brilliant...


The girl with the beautiful eyes and genuinely brilliant personality Lucia Dvorska is now represented by an array of company's most impressively, Elite Model Management and Storm! She really dissevers those contracts.


Angelika Oatway, was the girl with the I know it all attitude, which grated at the co-president of Next so much that she was sent home to California with no contract. Now, (I don’t know how she did it) but this girl is now represented by Women Model Management – Milan. Congrats!


Beatrice Bererra da Fontoura, was the one that struggled the most of the group and came under constant scrutiny for lack of expression and seemingly disinterested attitude but I personally thought with a little effort she’d be a great commercial girl. Well, Beatrice is now represented by Next under the Next Direct division (I have no clue what that is) and has done ad’s for Macy’s, Goody’s, De Luxe and Fila.


However, the big success story of t he bunch was Valerija Erokhina, she won the contract with Next New York alongside Abigail and Lucia, and since it’s been a case of onwards and upwards. He was the face of Vogue Australia and her portfolio is stunning and demonstrative of what a versatile model she is.

Sadly, I can't find the other two models Abigail Fox and Michelle Godin but when I find out what they're up to I'll be the first to post it.