Friday, 8 August 2008

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 08/09

This season Robots evolved and they got sexy. Nicolas Ghesquière the designer for Balenciaga constantly shocks and amazes the fashion world with his talent for human architecture but this season, I believe he has outdone himself.

Over past few seasons Ghesquière has been stretching Balenciaga’s signature structured look by coupling it with the unthinkable. Spring/Summer 08 being the perfect example; Ghesquière created strong-structured (armour like) mini-dresses with an overlay of vibrant patterns. Nature clashed with Urban Architecture, but it worked. So the question was could he do it again?

This season, sent down the runway was an army of cold detached robots, with just a touch of enticing but austere sex-appeal. The dresses framed the body with their heavy almost inflexible fabrics, while high slits showed just enough skin to accentuate the models long lean legs. This automatically gave the “robots” a new flirtatious dimension.

Another side to this collection was the use of draped velvet that created a decadent and majestic undertone. This heavy draping was at times excessive and almost overpowered the models small frames. However, the black and white combination stuck the perfect balance and will no doubt be a big seller during the winter.

This collection I think can be summed up in one sentence: “it is the recreation of traditional garment/ideas seen through the eyes of an architect.” The answer to the question I first posed is most definitely a yes.

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