Sunday, 28 December 2008

When the Fashion Saves the Music

Beyoncé - Diva *New*

This song is like Ring the Alarm (although not as bad), it is really annoying and just will not grow on me but yet I find myself wanting to watch the video again. Purely because the stylist has worked magic in transforming an unbearable song to a bearable and addictive video. For starters, those shoes at the start I have already mentally envisaged with several outfits in my wardrobe. Then there is the black jacket (0.52 sec) which Beyoncé wears quite well, although I think there is a slight obsession forming between her and leotards. There are also the two figure clenching dresses that any woman would look amazing in. Overall the songs a 3/10 but the stylist 9/10!!

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