Sunday, 28 December 2008

I'm Back!

I want to first say “sorry readers,” I have left the blog for quite some time gathering dust and as vintage is no longer in fashion, it’s time to brush it off. So I’m back, full of Post-Christmas optimism and ready to blog, and what better time to start than at the end of the Vogue Wars.

If you don’t know already, this December the rumour mill has been going at full speed with talk of retirement for Anna Wintour (Editor of US Vogue) and a move to US Vogue for her replacement Carine Roitfeld (Editor of French Vogue). The story started at and was further inflamed when Si Newhouse travelled to Paris to meet with Roitfeld. Additionally, as Condé Nast it made complete economic sense as dropping Wintour would mean dropping the staggering $2 million (not including clothing allowance) salary. However, it seems that nobody is budging an inch, Roitfeld recently told WWD “I’m very happy at Vogue France” and Newhouse himself said it’s “the silliest rumour I ever heard. There’s no truth to it."

I know that there are a lot of people that are jumping for joy at this point, especially, those that bought the Save Anna t-shirts but I personally think US Vogue could do with a shakeup. Why, I hear the die hard Wintour-lovers screaming? Well, let me put this to you, if we know a formula works say, ‘leather biker jacket + ankle boots= cool look,’ do you A) do it over and over again slightly changing it or B) try it a few times then refresh the look its summer time for crying out loud. Well if you’re a fashion magazine editor it should be answer B you lean to, yet US Vogue has latched onto the Celeb culture and a selling cover look and stuck to it not really venturing to break the mould or try new formats out. Fashion should be fresh and new and to me it’s all a bit stagnant. I want US Vogue to be more fashion forward and adventurous.

I want to know what you think though, so leave your comments! If you need some evidence to base your vote below is my Cover comparisons showing the US vs French Vogue covers for 2008.

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darragh. said...

i love the simpleness of french vogue's covers. the lists of texts on the us version appears cluttered and distracts most, including me, from the outfit showcased on the most important page. great entry!